Say you wrote your book, got it published and out in no time, but something is missing.

  • The lack of audience.
  • The lack of attention and popularity it needs.
  • The lack of recognition.

All these factors should be made up through something that doesn’t need as much effort as writing a book in somewhat a little less time and price.

What platforms come to your mind to market your book in this case?

Obviously, the first thing that would come to your mind is the social media apps. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and let’s not forget Snapchat too.

Below, we’re going to discuss and elaborate on the ways you can use various platforms for marketing your book.

Through Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter may sound like they’re used for recreational purposes only. Truth be told, these two platforms are the biggest (besides Instagram) to make full use of the things you want to publish and ‘put it out there’ on the public. 

How to use these platforms?

Use hashtags for your book- the title or the description in five or less short words.

Create groups and invite as many people as possible.

Join literary groups and participate in their discussions and then gradually talk about your own book as well.

Make your account public and let people see what your book comprises of.

Create a page, get fan following and give a shout-out to get your book recognised.

Create your own website

The best way to be known and gain publicity for your book is to create a website of the author. This way, people are more absorbed, intrigued, captivated and think you’re some big deal even though you might be new. A website in the author’s name is like a magnet that attracts the metal. 

Make the website in your name (i.e., the author’s) and take the help of those who have already done this in the past so you’d know how and where to begin.

Get Help of Bloggers

It might cost you some money, but it will be worth it as the bloggers whose pages are renowned get more attention from people 

Try getting the help of such influencers to promote your book, give them a shout out on your page for free too.

Let Instagram Take Hold 

Instagram features plenty of ads that pop while you’re scrolling down in your routine everyday feed. These are in fact very useful and catch much attention of the audience anywhere, anytime. So, to gain max publicity of your book, create an Instagram account and/or page and promote it yourself and get the help of other influencers and bloggers. 

Create an Amazon account

To promote your book on Amazon, there are many steps you should take like creating a compelling book cover, writing down the description of your book as well as getting the help of different authors on their pages and accounts as well.