WARNING! Don't buy this £5.00 book if you think it has the secrets to life, the complete business blueprint and all you will have to do is read it and you will automatically become a laptop fake-preneur...

...However, buy the book if you understand that telling the world YOUR story, sharing YOUR expertise & helping others will put a Minimum 100k to YOUR bottom line

The business owner’s guide to capturing your expertise on paper and turning it into a powerful business growth tool.

Becoming a published author with a first-rate business book is one of the most powerful ways of making your expertise accessible and raising awareness of what you do. So why do so many business owners still not bother?

This guide from business publishing expert Bill Goss will not only reveal exactly why you should become a business author – it’ll help you take your first steps towards making sure your book gets read by the right people and becomes a powerful new stream of income for you.

By the time you finish, you’ll have a solid understanding of every step of the process…

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Here's What is Included

  • The 7-Step Guaranteed Process to promoting your book (pg 37)
  • Why writing a book boosts your credibility (pg 1)
  • Books are global and open up new revenues
  • Why giving your book away is a GOOD idea (pg 2)
  • The TWO most important numbers in the universe (pg 32)
  • The essential Publishing checklist (pg 20)
  • Reasons to self-publish (pg 13)
  • Why are YOU the expert? (pg 5)
  • Do I need ISBN’s and Barcodes? (pg 66)
  • Keywords and SEO, How important is it? (pg 21)
  • Be aware of the competition (pg 3)
  • Why you MUST summarise your book in TWO sentences? (pg8)
Order NowJust £5 including P+P